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Balls and gymballs

Recommended for soft gym, Pilates and relaxation training sessions, the balls is perfect for muscle strengthening, especially when it comes to hips and stomach. It is a 25 cm diameter ball, which enables to workout in a funny way. The ball has to be inflated with a straw (generally included with).

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  • Weighted Balls

    Weighted Balls

    Used for individual or group fun exercises. Colors depending on arrival.

    From €5.50

  • Pump Needle

    Pump Needle

    For a quick auxiliary inflating.


  • Gymball Support

    Gymball Support

    For more stability and safety.


  • Set of 3 Motricity Balls

    Set of 3 Motricity Balls

    Helps with relaxation, massages and carpal tunnel rehabilitation.


  • Gymballs Standard

    Gymballs Standard

    A must have accessory for Pilates, soft gym and muscle strengthening.

    From €10.90

  • Gymball à picots

    Gymball à picots

    Effet massage durant les exercices


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